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I had the incredible opportunity to work with VICE Media and Allianz to produce a documentary that explores the future of human mobility.


I interviewed a range of experts about topics including up-close mobility (exoskeletons), mobility as a form of human transportation, and space travel.


Moving Forward


A Documentary about
the Future of Mobility (2018)

Is living on Mars an option or a necessity? What planet will we call our home? Will cyber hacking get us all? Join us as we discover the future of mobility and how it impacts us as humans.

Mar High in Moving Forward

If you would like to learn more about Moving Forward and the concepts we discussed, take a look at the chapters available below. 

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Moving Forward #1

Are you ready to take to the skies?

Combining motorcycle, automotive and aviation engineering, the Pal-V is the world's first commercially available flying car. People are already placing orders!

Moving Forward #2

Hyperloop - Is the next age of mass transport nearly here?

An energy-efficient capsule, free of air-resistance and friction, the Hyperloop boasts the potential to travel many times faster than any modern train.

Moving Forward #3

Car Hacking - What's stopping your car from getting hacked?

As modern vehicles become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, criminals no longer need force to break into and steal cars.


Moving Forward #4

Space Travel - Exploring the next frontier

What is beyond what we can reach right now? That's the burning question for Gerhard Thiele, a former astronaut of the European Space Agency.

Moving Forward #5

VariLeg - Can exoskeletons restore more than our mobility?

Technology that helps paralyzed people move again, but also restores emotional connections between peers and loved-ones.

Moving Forward #6

Formula-E - Is the future of mobility electric?

In episode 6 of our Moving Forward series, we meet Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula-E Holdings. He has one main objective: That one day, every car in the world will be electric.


Moving Forward #7

Autonomous Vehicles - Are driverless cars the future?

When 95% of automotive accidents are the driver's fault, is it time to look at driverless vehicles?