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On-camera interviewer & host

Moving Forward: Documentary Film About the Future of Mobility

Vice Media and Allianz have produced a feature documentary that delves into the future of human mobility. I had the opportunity to join as the on-camera host, guiding viewers through a series of insightful interviews with experts on groundbreaking topics like exoskeletons, hyperloop technology, innovative housing, and space exploration.


Vice Media x Allianz


On-Camera Host


Three months to interview experts in over ten countries

Interview Highlights

Hardt Hyperloop

Poised to revolutionize mass transportation, the Hyperloop is an energy-efficient capsule designed to eliminate air resistance and friction, allowing it to travel significantly faster than today's fastest trains.

Space Travel

"What lies beyond our current reach?" This pivotal question is explored with Gerhard Thiele, a former European Space Agency astronaut, as we discuss the new frontiers in space.

Pal-V Flying Cars

Merging elements of motorcycles, cars, and aircraft, the Pal-V is the first commercially available flying car. With orders already coming in, the skies might soon become a busier place.

VariLeg Exoskeletons

Beyond aiding movement, exoskeleton technology like VariLeg is enhancing emotional connections, offering new hope to paralyzed individuals and their relationships with family and friends.

Wrapping Up

The main goal of "Moving Forward" was to highlight a variety of the latest advancements in transportation and human mobility technologies that are in development. By featuring these innovations and giving a platform to the inventors behind them, we aim to ignite a crucial dialogue about the complexities involved in introducing new technologies, which is often more intricate than it initially appears.

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